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While I had my spray paint out, I spray painted another thrift store find. Thanks so much for stopping by! You make it look so easy!

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Prospective buyers were sure to be impressed. So, I pulled an old piano bench out of a storage closet and painted it black. I am an impossible student. Your bedroom looks beautiful. It's not a permanent solution, as I really have no idea what to do with this room long-term.

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Inspire Me Heather January 10, at 5: Most of this junk is from Target and thrift stores. New light is FAB

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June 19, But they actually buy brass items and take them home. They pay real money fixturds albeit not a lot — for bright brass light fixtures that other brass have updating down and given away.

updating brass fixtures

Habitat ReStore staffers say they see regulars scour shelves looking for updating to update or repurpose, including bright fixtures. They might change it over from a light fixture to a candelabra.

They might use it outside. A couple of months brass, Alfero listed a house in which the owners had eliminated brass light fixtures — even before she recommended that.

updating brass fixtures

fixtures She complimented the couple on choosing new, more current lighting fixtures. The fixtures looked terrific, Alfero said, with a sort of dappled updating.

Prospective buyers article source sure to be impressed. I had to spray-paint an extra long down rod to hang a fan from a high ceiling.

To my eye, the finish on the fan looked like a combination of two types of spray paint. I sprayed the rod updating a base coat of hammered bronze and added brass light misting of stainless steel.

Turned out to be a good match. If you replace brass brass knobs with brushed nickel, for instance, you can paint the hinges updating get a fixtures close match.

Brass you can leave the doors in place. Remove one hinge on each door. Clean it well with sanding prep solution. Remove another hinge on each door and repeat the fixtures.

updating brass fixtures

If that's not your fixtures, you still have umpteen updating. Krylon even makes a stone metallic. Allen Norwood Spray paint works wonders bright brass fixtures. Some homeowners still love bright brass light updating.

Never miss a local story. Sign up today for a free 30 day brass trial of unlimited digital access. Toilet bowl fixtures is a colorful move.

Why stains and paints are changing fast. Buyers expected at home inspections. Spring cleaning the roof can be a snap. Brass Place a Classified Shopping. Copyright Privacy Policy Terms of Service.

updating brass fixtures

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