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Posted February 27, I can alway obblivion them some basic AI like sit, eat, here etc. To reset the weather so that it changes again, type ReleaseWeatherOverride.

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It will contain features like pregnancy, having kids and kids growing up. This is like the above Player. All three of these work in a similar way. Hi, I'm also after this mod, unfortunatly, there is no site where so ever that has it, and the game-something.

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Not much use to you on its own, but it can be applied when forcing a quest to update. This will move you to the target of your currently active quest. And they obviously should be asking questions. You'll need to save the game after you put them in then load that save before you'll get the night eye or detect life effects; the same goes for turning them off again. This command will force a quest to update, which is extremely useful as a lot of times a quest will get bugged and stop you from advancing it for one of many reasons.

Oblivion NPC dating in a nutshell

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Improve their AI with CM scripts. Then, kids should interact with other kids. At example boys can fight other boys with wooden swords etc Looser will weep and search for his mother's care. And they obviously should be asking questions. Who was Uriel Septime?

A lot of questions. And from the parent's answers they'll decide to became a datihg or datinb priest or a thief It is not necessary for them to choose the same class like PC, because they simply can decide not to follow their parents' way. One day they'll enter a guild on their choice and get certain equipement I should warn you about collecting ingredients. The author of 'Companion Neeshka' mod tried it and gave it up because it works not well. The author oblivikn the 'Companion Hilda' mod based on 'Companion Oblivikn turned this option on and While gathering ingridients Hilda runs between the plants systen a long time systme not being able to choose.

Then, if there is a staircase or simply a pit she can fall down to gather something but can't get out when time comes to return. She simply tries to run through the wall. That is, how not to script ingredients searching. I think, better is to script this option with the random count of herbs adding to the kid's inventory depending on the region you are passing by She has some packages to spend her daytime in the public locations talking with other NPCs and eating in the taverns.

Both markers public and home are putted manually in the dystem through dialog options. I think you should use this experience. It will contain features like pregnancy, having kids and kids growing datong. I will add some other features as well, like prostitution.

If it all goes as planed, dialogs will be fully voiced in English. Also, I will make it so you can date any npc anywhere including modder's made places, expansions etc.

BTW Does anybody have an idea of some ways of interacting with kids to void them being purely "cosmetic" addition.

I can alway give them some basic AI like sit, eat, follow etc. Also, the oblivino is that kids are not linked to any specific place, so you can't system click the following article some general AI. Those are some cool suggestions. I would also want to make them "usefull" somehow.

For example, if you go somewhere, you can tell them to collect ingredients etc. While gathering ingredients Hilda dating between the plants for a ovlivion time while not self esteem dating able to choose.

You can also give them pocket money to something with I will try if any gather ingredients AI package works. Also, it's not bad if you could send your kids to "steal" when you break into sysyem house if you are into thief business. I would script it so you can send children to a school to learn stuff, but you need to put marker for the school and also put some "make home position" with coordinates where they suppose to return.

That will not work well in modders made mods and expansions since you need to put marker there. The author probably used coordinates for home and some other places that you can mark.

It can be set some AI package where you use radius for wandering around and doing oblivino things and later returning to "marked place". I will definitely experiment with obpivion About this school thing, the location of the school suppose to be set beforehand with xmarker. That means obpivion need to do it manualy, which can be oblivlon only in vanilla oblivion it's way too much work to make it compatible with every mod and expansion out there.

But alternative to this is, as you said, to put some marker coordinates via dialog. The example of this is when you take your kid to church and use dialog to explane to him "This is the church.

You can come here to pray". After that the kid will find church, use some AI and return home without problems. You only need to set to points "This is your home" bolivion "This is a church". You gave me the idea!!! Will definitely work on this. I do not know, whether you will understand my bad English, but I will try. I wished system offer pair of ideas for yours a fashion dating system II which, concern only the female character, but, I hope, to you will like.

Romantic relations in your the first to a fashion, at women, began with dialogue with the liked man. In a life, men, as a rule, start to get acquainted with women the first, therefore it is possible, right at the beginning, at connection a fashion, to suggest the player to pass the small test which would define beauty olbivion the female character. Further it was perceived man's nps, in aggregate with charm, as learn more here of the heroine.

As a result, man's characters would try to get acquainted with the heroine. Thus some man's nps independently did gifts in the form oblivion colours, ornaments, offered a hand and heart, but some roughly offered money for a night.

At the offer of a hand and heart they would become on a knee. Besides it, on beauty of the heroine its availability, quantity of sexual datinh, employment by prostitution influenced also. The she made love to men daging, the less man's nps reacted to it. That man's nps absolutely did not stir to game, it is possible to provide in a script a pause mode between approaches nps.

It would be quite good to realise dependence on beauty of the heroine and riches nps which tries to get acquainted with it and to get relations but as it obliviln be made, I sating.

It is possible to improve also a wedding procession, for example to create a location of church with the priest and visitors. After the consent of the heroine to marry it was offered to buy a wedding dress then it, in a wedding dress, and dating spouse moved to a church location, and under wedding music the heroine went to an altar where it was waited by the groom, and there was a wedding.

Then the groom and the bride came back back and went to itself home where there was a obljvion marriage night or it is even better, celebrating of wedding with visitors. It is dtaing to assign duties to the heroine on housekeeping, food cooking, etc. It would be quite good to enter nps-maniacs who can catch for the heroine in a dark lane and rape her. Thus, the violence was perceived as a crime. When at the heroine the relations some click the following article with which at the heroine were intimacy earlier were fastened, depending on the relation to the heroine could start to blackmail her, demanding money or love.

If something was pleasant to you, I will be very glad. I hope, you can read the text. There will be those things that Wepwawt and I talked about kids, pregnancy and other. Also, there will be many other features.

In that mod I will use completely new sex system. It has some features never seen in any other mod.

The rest of the mod will be developed slowly over time the file is really big. Thus all will be interconnected. So if you can not pass examination the teacher can suggest to hand over it through bed, also to enter works for people without formation, for example the fating in a bar, cleaners in the rich house, the loader, hour in an imperial legion, etc. After that fashions it is possible to name safely as Life system and to carry to the category of the global.

There will be many features from dating, prostitution to other relationships that you can make onlivion NPCs. I don't know obilvion jobs, hunger, thirst, sleeping immersion i thought about putting all of those. I will see how much time it takes to develop them. The sex system is oblivino plug in into other systems but important one I think. I think, it will be very good fashions. Keep up the great work! Sorry for lame question. And my bad english.

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