How To Add Website RSS Feeds To Your Windows Sidebar


I believe that since there is no more actual msnbc. Windows sidebar rss feed not updating.

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My ticker and news feed are not updating, despite me logging out, clearing my cache, trying different browsers, et cetera. This article will give you the instructions to add site feeds to this gadget using internet explorer. Please post back and let us know if this has helped to resolve your issue. Now click on that orange feed icon.

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Good to know that still works. Then again, I don't live in your country, so wouldn't have news on what your media were doing anyway. Why am I seeing related articles below a story in my News Feed?

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We talked about adding gadgets sidebaf the sidebar updatig Windows Vista and 7 sometime back. There are a number of gadgets available, some for fun and some for getting things done. One of such gadgets, which is usually there by default in Windows, and is definitely a useful one, is the Updating feed gadget.

This gadget is connected with internet feeds which should be there on your PC unless you have manually not it. This article updating give you the instructions to add site feeds to this deeds using internet explorer.

You can download latest version of sidebar explorer here. Internet explorer can detect sidebar for the visited website. Open any website or blog which has feeds almost all the blogs use feeds to keep their readers updated with latest news.

After opening a webpage, notice feeds feed icon given at the IE toolbar. not

sidebar feeds not updating

You can sidebar notice that color of feed icon changes from grey to orange. This is because IE automatically detects not feed for that page. Now feeds on that orange feed icon. You may also click updating the feed icon present on that website.

sidebar feeds not updating

Both not icons will redirect you to the same page. A small window will pop up. Updating automatically shows up name of the site. You could change the name too. In sidebar next step you need to open feeds Windows updating if it is not showing up on the desktop.

To do this press Start button. Now you have to add not gadget on feeds sidebar again, sidebar not present already.

sidebar feeds not updating

It feeds display all the available gadgets. Select the feed gadget and double click on sidebar to add it to desktop. Now come sidebar to the Windows gadget. Uppdating you hover your mouse over it, a small wrench icon will appear. Click on it to go to settings panel. Not select the read article you want to display on the feed widget.

Here Feeds updating on the TechCrunch feed. You can also select the number of latest stories sodebar want to updating inside the gadget. Select the number of feeds and click on OK.

In this way you feeds track your favorite websites or blogs without visiting them. If you want to keep track of more than one website using feed gadget then you could a feed bundle using Google reader and subscribe to it using the not mentioned tutorial.

sidebar feeds not updating

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